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Howdy Y'all!

STOMPIN' GROUNDS was created for your entertainment by Tessa and Dustin Sturm, who are two country souls that met line dancing and two-stepping in Hollywood, California in 2016. They got married in Bledsoe, Kentucky on November 10, 2018  and moved to Nashville to settle down, be closer to family, and help build a line dancing community. The Sturms tag-team on the mic and DJ controller to teach dance lessons as well as DJ/MC, and perform. They also work with a team of dancers by your request for larger events. With their background in TV/Film/Commercial production and marketing, they are also highly capable of providing video and photography services for promotional needs. 

Tessa Elizabeth Sturm

Tessa is a coal miner's daughter from the beautiful mountains of Pound, Virginia. Her sassy southern charm is a product of her upbringing and really comes out when she's dancing. Her faith in God, her love for people, and her excitement for life is evident to those around her. Not only does she know how to get down on the dance floor, but she also knows her way around the Entertainment Industry. She has experience in front of and behind the camera as a Model, Actress, Producer, Writer, Casting Associate, Event Planner, Marketing Executive, and Director of Operations & Finance. 

Dustin Rain Sturm

 Dustin grew up on a ranch and fish hatchery in the Lone Star State of Texas, where he learned the value of hard work and dedication. He trains and strives to succeed and be the best at what he does. As a dancer he was first taught by his Dad and Grandpa, who told him there are three things a woman wants: a man that can cook, a man that keeps his word, and if you can dance, then your gold. Since then, he has learned to cook (BBQ is his specialty), his word is his bond, and he strives to be the best he can as a dancer and actor. He has learned from some great performers, Troy Christian, Michael Cannan, and line dancers around Southern California.